Our client Base

Over the past ten years we had the pleasure of working with numerous different clients including. Most logos designed by Pavel Emelyanov. chupa chups tart pudding biscuit chocolate gummies marzipan. Cookie caramels donut sweet roll marshmallow. Applicake powder fruitcake. Caramels pudding candy. Biscuit fruitcake powder sweet roll gingerbread lemon drops jelly-o cotton candy. Gummies powder jujubes soufflé tart chocolate bar danish.

Close Up Photography

Visit outdoorphotolibrary.com and you can download some of the great images available from www.outdoorphotolibrary.com 

Product photography

We have two in-house professional studios ready and waiting to put your ideas into an asthetic visual form.

Interior Photography

Matt Hayes took this shot using a Cannon tilt and shift architectural lens and features a lounge in a 19 century Norwegian farmhouse. 

Windiness fishing lodge

This shot is a mission statement image in which we incorporated the brand essence of the business into the photograph. Winsnes operates as a fishing lodge, pub and restaurant, music and small hotel that has a magical, traditional theme. Produced by creating a set outside the house with studio flash equipment. 

Wild life photography

take a look at our vast library of wildlife and garden images which are available for download from www.outdoorphotolibrary.com 

Macro Photography

What ever style of photography you need Strike One Media and Outdoor Photo Library can cater for your needs whatever they maybe.